Slow Hair Growth Down

Unwanted hair is an ongoing problem for every woman, especially when it’s growing back so fast that you’re sick and tired of spending unnecessary time and effort on hair removal. Although there are so many ways to remove unwanted hair, it’s a procedure that is preferred to be performed as less often as possible as it usually takes a while making it rather tedious and can be quite painful.

Presenting the Hair Growth Inhibitor

For all those people who are sick of how often they need to keep removing their unwanted hair, there is a solution which is called a hair inhibitor cream. It should be applied after hair removal so that the cream can penetrate into the hair follicle, disrupting the natural growth cycle meaning the need to epilate, wax or shave is less often necessary. The hair inhibitor cream or spray not only reduces hair growth but actually moisturizes the skin making it feel soft and tender while assisting in the healing of injuries and any irritations on the skin.

Components of the Hair Growth Inhibitor Cream

The majority of hair growth inhibitor creams are made of natural ingredients with a base of young grape vines, walnut shell oil and soy milk which have the capability to influence the functionality of the hair bulbs.

Application Method

After removing the unwanted hair, apply a thin layer of the hair growth inhibitor cream to the area and rub it into the skin with massaging movements. To achieve noticeable results, most hair inhibitor creams require a daily application for 1-2 months.

Disadvantages of Using a Hair Inhibitor Cream

As the advantages of using a hair growth inhibitor creams are obvious, it’s important to address the possible disadvantages that could occur as well. Before using the cream you should take into account the following:
• After first time use, your skin may peel or feel itchy. Effects like this only usually occur after the very first application. The next time you apply it, your skin will be totally fine and have no unpleasant reactions.
• Keep in mind that this is not a hair removal cream or a permanent solution for hair removal. It simply reduces the regrowth of hairs making them finer, softer and less visible.
• Ingrown hairs are a possibility.
• An allergic reaction can rarely occur, but it is possible therefore if you are prone to allergic reactions or are aware that your skin is sensitive then consult a professional before including the product into your routine.

Natural agents with at-home solutions have proven to be successful acting as a hair growth inhibitor since the ancient times and several recipes have survived to this day, although the products that have been produced in laboratories with advanced ingredients work more effectively than those which are made from home.

Facial Hair Growth Cream

Unwanted facial hair is not rare amongst women due to hormonal imbalance and several other reasons. This is annoying for a woman to constantly worry about making sure the area is hairless. Specific facial hair growth inhibitor creams have proven to be extremely favorable to the women who suffer from unwanted hair in this area. Hair growth inhibitors ensure the need to perform hair removal in that area less often by reduction of its growth.


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